Our Story


From the age of 8 Michele Princi assisted his father in his business, both raising stock and helping in his butcher shop. Today he is recognised as one of Perth’s most respected butchers – a result of 60 years expertise in raising and sourcing the finest quality meat available. He has passed on his knowledge to his nephew Pasquale and they still work hand in hand to bring YOU the customer the best quality meats. Princi Butchers supplies Perth consumers with superior cuts served with outstanding product knowledge and courtesy.

Arising from Italian ideas Michele, Pasquale and staff provides a variety of meat ranging from Beef, Lamb, Goats all raised on ‘the farm – Bryalana’. Pork, Chicken, Quails, Rabbits and Spatchcock all sourced from local producers and all products are Free Range. We take upmost pride in our produce ensuring the meat you have on your plate is the freshest, finest quality gourmet meat that you would expect as a consumer.

After 45 years at 527 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth, Princi Butchers has become a landmark of quality to a discerning public.